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Vibrato Bar

    The Vibrato Bar is made from 3/16 hexagonal stainless steel. This special allow can be bent to your liking and will retain its shape in use. We recommend that you let a guitar technician adjust the shape of the Vibrato Bar.

    The end of the bar that fits into the bridge is curved very slightly. The deeper you insert the Vibrato Bar into the bridge, the tighter it fits. The tightness of this fit can be adjusted by changing the bend very slightly.

    The Vibrato Bar and the bushing that holds it rotate in the bridge. A set screw located next to the high E string in the bridge may be adjusted to allow the Vibrato Bar to rotate more or less freely.


    Instead of the customary coiled springs in the back, the Fly's vibrato uses a unique flat spring that remains silent while compressing and expanding, and is compact enough to fit into the Fly's thin body.

    Each Fly vibrato guitar is supplied with two springs. The installed spring is correct for the .009 > .042 D'Addarios that the Fly is shipped with. The other spring is correct for .010s. If you wish to use .008s, .011s or .012s, call 516-333-USER during business hours (Eastern Time) and we will ship you the correct spring free of charge.
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