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I. FIXED:     The guitar is now stabilized for tuning, setting intonation, re-stringing and action adjustment.

    For string bending: In this mode the guitar can be thought of as a fixed-bridge instrument. This mode allows you to bend a string while other strings are sounding and not change their pitch. If the other strings so go flat while bending, increase the spring force.

II. BEND DOWN: NOTE: If the bridge is set just flat of HOME while up to pitch and the Step-stop is DOWN, there may be a buzz as the bridge vibrates against the Step-stop when played. If this annoys you, simply rotate the wheel up slightly to bring the bridge intop contact with the Step-stop.

III. BALANCED:     If this moves the bridge away from HOME (sharp), re-tune the guitar with the Balance Wheel. Simply rotate the Balance Wheel clockwise to restore the balance at the correct pitch. NOTE: If you break a string when playing the guitar with the bridge in the BALANCED mode, just switch the Step-stop down to restore the surviving strings to pitch.

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