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Dear Fellow Guitar Enthusiast:

    Back in 1973 my brother Alan had outgrown his short scale beginner bass. I had been studying furniture-making as an elective course at college, so building an electric bass seemed like a pretty simple project. Researching and planning a new instrument, I became fascinated with the union of strings and wood - the porportions, balance, look, feel and tone. Alan and I were both happy with the bass and I never really looked back. For twenty years I've been exploring the simple project I started at school and it is just as challenging and fun as it ever was. I've built arch-tops, solid bodies, 4-, 5-, and 6-string basses, electric violins, cellos and harps. Trying to solve the physical problems and expand the abilities of the instrument, I've explored non-traditional materials, studied traditional techniques, sculpted surfaces, and designed and made new hardware. Boats, cars, airplanes, and sporting equipment provided inspiration.

    Increasingly, I saw the guitars available to modern musicians as clumsy, limiting and gimmicky. I began to envision advances in form and fuction. A superlative instrument must be beautiful, balanced, powerful, accurate, versatile, durable and comfortable - a great tool which, at its best, inspires musicians to greatness, but at least doesn't get in their way! Clearly, the evolution of musical instruments is an evolving art form as complex and rewarding as music itself.

    After teaming up with Larry Fishman in 1982, I knew that my new guitars would also have a unique amplified voice. Since then we've worked together to develop and refine The Fly Guitar into the tool you're now experiencing. Larry and I work with a dedicated group of artisans - among the world's best instrument makers.

    Your input will continue to guide and inspire us as we develop new instruments with new capabilities in the years to come. Meanwhile, we expect you'll enjoy many years of faithful service from your Fly.

Thanks for your support. Play from your heart!

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