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    The battery has a useful life of approximately 100 hours. It's turned on when a cable is plugged into the guitar. To extend battery life, please remember to remove the plug when you're not playing your guitar.

    The battery status light is on the control cover. When the battery is good, this red LED flashes for an instant when the guitar is plugged in. When the battery is low, the light will glow continuously while plugged in. You then have approximately two hours of battery life left. Finally, a distorted output signal or a high-pitched whistle will serve as an audio reminder that the battery is dead.

Ground Loops

    Sometimes when using two amps, there may be a loud hum when the guitar is plugged into the second amp. Tis hum is caused by a ground loop. This ground loop isn't the fault of the guitar (or the amps for that matter), but a result of well-intentioned electrical safety codes. Ground loops can lurk wherever two pieces of electronic equipment are connected. There is opnly one safe way to rid yourself of pesky ground loops:

    Use a direct box with a ground lift to isolate the two amps. Plug the Magnetic end of the stereo cable into one amp and the Piezo end into the direct box. Plug the direct box's output into a balances input on the second amp.

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