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Piezo Frequency Response

    The Piezo system has a far greater treble response than normal magnetic pickups. Some amps will have no trouble with the additional high frequency output, but others will distort. If you are getting distortion, you may want to decrease the gain of the Piezo pickup. The way to do this is to lower the Piezo volume and/or roll off some of the treble on either the amp or the guitar.

Control Cover

    When replacing the control cover, make sure that the red LED battery status light fits inside the clear plastic lens on the control cover. Brfore replacing the screws that secure the cover, insert a cord into the guitar's jack to activate the light so that you can check its visibility. On vibrato guitars, also ensure that step-stop switch protrudes throuhj its slot.

Cleaning and Polishing

    If you're just trying to remove fingerprints or dust, use a soft guitar-polishing cloth. To remove fine scratches or clean heavy dirt, use a non-abrasive guitar polish and follow the manufacturer's directions. Please use products designed only for guitars, as some polishes contain abrasives that can scratch the finish.


    Our patented fret and fretboard system consists of hardened stainless steel frets bonded to a glass and carbon fiber fretboard.

    The frets may only be serviced at the Parker factory or by a factory authorized repair facility.

    Fret service performed otherwise will void the warranty.

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