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    Your Fly has been shipped with D'Addario .009 > .042 strings adjusted to a very low action of .070 on the bass side and .050 on the treble side, measured at the twelfth fret.

    If you lower your action even further, be aware that some buzzing may occur.

    The Fly's bridge is designed and made exclusively by Parker. The radius of the bridge exactly matches that if the neck. Therefore, the Fly doesn't require the individual height adjustment devices that detract from tone and sustain.

Fly Deluxe

    Action is set with three screws from the back of the guitar. Using the T-handled 3/32 Allen wrench supplied with your guitar, turn the screws clockwise to raise the bridge and counterclockwise to lower it. Since these screws also adjust the angle of the bridge to the guitar, to make more than a small adjustment you must adjust all three screws a little at a time, being careful not to tilt the bridge in its cavity. Do not adjust more than a ¼ turn at a time.
Adjust Action

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